Family Medical Heritage

It is extraordinary that two of the most highly regarded plastic surgeons in the region should come from the same family.

Carlos Buenrostro, MD and Alicia Sigler, MD have both achieved the pinnacle of their profession in terms of reputation, patient successes, innovations and also contributions to the community. At Clinica Buenrostro, patients receive not just exceptional surgical skill and outcomes, but also a first-class customer experience and personalized service.

Carlos Buenrostro, M.D.

Certified and endorsed by national and international level institutions, his clinic in Tijuana is recognized as one of the finest, as well as best equipped in the region.

It was 25 years ago when Dr Carlos Buenrostro decided to open his clinic in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. Since then his fame went beyond borders, with his hospital becoming the only one that has the most modern equipment at a national level with the most advanced model of a single-patient hyperbaric chamber that is filled with 100% pure oxygen at three times the normal environment pressure.


Performing up to 3 surgeries per day, Dr. Carlos Buenrostro has had the opportunity of performing surgeries on artists and singers, even of international stature. However, it is due to respect to professional secrecy that he does not disclose “the identity” of his patients.

One of the major innovations that Dr. Carlos Buenrostro has introduced in his clinic is the hyperbaric chamber, with which he supports his patients so that before and after their surgery, their recovery can be faster, reducing inflammation and pain. On the other hand, the scarring process of wounds and those “hurt” tissues is accelerated and become regenerated in a better way.

Holding a Surgeon Degree granted by the Autonomous University of Guadalajara and one as an aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon awarded by the same University, Dr. Carlos Buenrostro is currently one of the most renowned physicians in his specialty at the international level.

With a medical career filled with achievements and successes, nowadays his fame and recognition have placed him as one of the most sought-after physicians by people searching for plastic and reconstructive surgeries, with the certainty that they put themselves in the hands of a certified specialist with the necessary expertise so the outcome will be those desired by the patient.

Membership & Credentials

Tijuana Medical College
International Society for Burn Injuries
Laser International Society
San Diego Plastic Surgery Association
Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Mexican Association
Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plastica, Estética y Reconstructiva A.C.
Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS)
Founder of the Tijuana Plastic Surgery Association

Alicia Sigler, M.D.

Dr Alicia Sigler is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico and graduated as a General Physician from the prestigious La Salle University of Mexico City in 1997.  Dr Sigler made a fellowship in craniofacial surgery under the tutelage of Dr Fernando Ortiz Monasterio, considered the “father of plastic surgery” and with Dr Fernando Molina in Mexico. Since moving her practice to Tijuana, Dr Sigler has performed more than 2,000 successful surgeries, primarily to American patients crossing into Mexico.

Known for her patient care, outstanding, long-lasting results and detailed post-procedure follow-ups, Dr Alicia has one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings in the region.

Dr Sigler is a member of the prestigious American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Continually staying on top of new technologies and trends in the plastic surgery field, she attends international industry symposiums alongside some of the world’s most renowned plastic surgeons. Adding recently to her procedure offerings, Dr Sigler has partnered with Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Carlos Roxo to perform body contouring surgeries on post-bariatric patients or patients with massive weight loss and for the modelling of the male body with techniques based on High-definition. She performance Facial feminization, meeting a growing need.

In addition to her academic and professional accomplishments, she is known for her empathetic heart, passionate about helping those less fortunate through her time and skills in the form of surgical donations. As Vice President of the San Diego-based International ConnectMed Foundation, Dr Sigler has changed the lives of hundreds of children with cleft lip and palate surgeries.

She transfers this incredible skill, meticulous work and artistic ability to her Aesthetics facial patients.

Dr Alicia Sigler, MD transforms lives through safe, personalized, plastic surgery. By treating diverse patients from around the world with the highest integrity, respect and exemplary service, she builds esteem, fulfils dreams and creates lifestyle opportunities through the alignment of the patient’s body to their mind and spirit.

Membership & Credentials

Mexican Society of Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMCPER)
American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Baja California
Ex President of the Asociacion de Residentes y Ex Residentes from Dr. Fernando Ortiz Monasterio
President of the Asociacion Mexicana de Labio y Paladar Hendido y Anomalías Cranofaciales
Director of the Multidisciplinary Cleft Palate/ Craniofacial Team Clinic at Hospital Infantil de las Californias in Tijuana, Mexico.
Vice-president of ConnectMed International Foundation