Carlos Buenrostro

Certified and endorsed by national and International level institutions, his clinic in Tijuana is recognized as one of the best and more equipped in México and the United States.

He is broadly known to be Jenni Rivera’s (R.I.P.) plástic surgeon, among other celebrities.

Dr. Carlos Buenrostro, is currently one of the most renowned physicians in his specialty at international level.

It was 25 year ago when Dr. Carlos Buenrostro decided to open his own clinic in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, México, and since then his fame went beyond borders, with his hospital becoming the only one that has the most modern equipment at national level with the most advanced model of single-patient hyperbaric chamber that is totally filled not with common air containing 21% oxygen but with 100% puré oxygen at three times the normal environment pressure.

Performing up to 3 surgeries per day, Dr. Carlos Buenrostro has had the opportunity of performing surgeries on artists and singers, even of international stature; though it is due to respect to professional secrecy that he does not disclose “the identity” of his patients, who trust his person and his expertise to put themselves in his hands, by subjecting to plástic surgeries.

One of the major innovations that Dr. Carlos Buenrostro has introduced in his clinic is the hyperbaric chamber, with which he supports his patients so that before and after their surgery, their recovery can be faster, reducing inflammation and pain, and on the other hand, the scarring process of wounds and those “hurt” tissues is accelerated and said tissues become regenerated in a better way; it is worth mentioning that in spite of there being hyperbaric chambers in other hospitals, the model that Dr. Carlos Buenrostro has in his clinic, is one of a kind attached as an integral part of
a plástic surgery operating room.

Holding a Surgeon Degree granted by the Autonomous University of Guadalajara and one as an aesthetic and reconstructive plástic surgeon granted by the Autonomous University of México, Dr. Carlos Buenrostro holds national and international certifications such as: The Tijuana Medical College, International Society for Burn Injuries, Láser International Society, San Diego Plástic Surgery Association, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plástic Surgery Mexican Association, Founder of the Tijuana Plástic Surgery Association and is certified by the “Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates” in the United States, member of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS).

With a medical career filled with achievements and successes, in which his patients and his procedures speak for Dr. Carlos Buenrostro, nowadays his fame and recognition has placed him as one of the most sought-after physicians by people searching for plástic and reconstructive surgeries, with the certainty that they place themselves in the hands of a certified specialist and with the necessary expertise so the outcome will be those desired by the patient.

Certified by Consejo Mexicano de Cirugía Plástica. Estética v Reconstructiva. A.C. (Mexican Board of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plástic Surgery).